Pulling warranty details from api.dell.com

Update 2014-04-04: In a moment of brilliance, Dell has published documentation for both their warranty and case management APIs! Mind blown. Thanks, Dell. Thell.

In 2012 Brian Mulloy helped Dell launch api.dell.com. As opposed to their older SOAP API for warranty lookup, this one actually gives you the full warranty details. Let’s get straight to it.

For any URL access, you need to supply a 16-character apikey URL parameter. Until there’s some sort of registration service available, valid API keys at the moment are:


The URL resources (the last part of the URL path) can generally be accessed three ways:

resource       Returns XML
resource.xml   Returns XML
resource.json  Returns JSON (poorly disguised XML)

There are two interesting URLs. First, the warranty lookup:


Apart from the apikey, you must supply a svctags parameter consisting of a list of 1 to 100 (max) service tags, separated by | (pipe symbol). Here’s an example.

The second interesting URL provides a mapping of codes to descriptions:



ctype=type1    Country code to country name or region
ctype=type2    Warranty type code to description

Note that type2 descriptions are already present in the warranty info, so it’s not really necessary to fetch it. Plus, some warranty codes are not listed in the type2 list anyway (for example BZ for “Bronze Software Support”).

Dell have clearly thought of more uses for their api, such as case reporting. While it would be interesting to figure out how it works, it’ll have to wait for now.

I think this api is a very nice step in the right direction, although I wish Dell would open up more to free and independent use (especially of read-only operations such as warranty lookup) instead of the fairly closed approach they’ve taken so far: There’s nearly nearly zero published information about past and current apis — only sporadic forum posts and the occational WDSL — and lots of focus on pushing their management software as the sole consumer of the api. And let’s be honest, Dell does hardware a billion times better than they do software, which is why I prefer the option of handling the software on my own.


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